TRAN: The Atari Musical

Tran: The Atari Musical premiered March 2008.

When the Reagan era entered, where did all that sexual freedom from the 70s go?  Enter the hyper-sexy rock-n-roll cyberworld of 1982: Atari is king.  Blondie is queen.
And Tron makes white spandex look manly. . . until now.

“One of 5 Shows to See Now!”  – NewCity

“Like a runaway train – anything can happen” – Nina Metz

“Retro rock, cheap special effects and spandex outfits RULE at this new musical from theater WEIRDOS Scooty & JoJo.” – TimeOut Chicago

Metromix listed as a “Best Bet” each week

From the lunatic minds of Scooty & JoJo comes the new wave gender-bender TRAN – The Atari Musical. Inspired by the first “CGI” movie TRON, TRAN is filled with early-80s rock, multi-media spectacle, live video gaming and hot puppets in spandex!

2008 CAST

Charis Boyd, Scott Bradley, Clayton Faits, Jenna Johnson, Libby Lane, Michael S. Miller, Jefrey B. Wilkerson


Written & Directed by Scott Bradley; Musical Direction by Jonny Stax; Costume Design: Bill Morey & Steven Newmes; Sound Design: Eric Daly; Video Design: Jonny Stax; Choreographer: Sara Hale



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